Twin Ponds at Nashua Residents

The resident section is broken down into four categories: Resident News, Photos/Video, Classified and Resident Resources.

Resident News: This is where we will post all kinds of community news, like our upcoming Fishing Derby for example.  We might post a reminder to our residents, publish a rule or even brag about one of your accomplishments.  This is your news as much as it is our news.

Photos and Video: We take many pictures throughout the year at community events.  This is where we will share these photos.  Recently we had a very successful Easter egg hunt and we have a lot of pictures to show you.  Residents can also share their photos and videos.  Submit an email with your attachments and we can add it to the resident area for you to share with your neighbors.

Classified: This is where you can buy and sell items to other residents in the community.  You can even list services you offer!  Submit the information to us via email and we will add it to the classifieds.  You will need to include contact information as part of your submission.  We will post the information, but, we are not responsible or part of the exchange between parties whatsoever.

Resident Resources:  We created this area to make it as easy as possible for our residents to access community documents.  Here you will find the Guide Book, Clubhouse rental forms, the pool rules and more.  You never have to worry about fumbling around for documents that were given to you at move in.  Now you can just visit your Resident Resources.

Last but not least….TWIN PONDS BINGO!!!!

Learn how you can win $200 by playing RESIDENT BINGO! There is a new game every month.  Go to the Resident News tab and click “more information” for details.

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