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Pool opening Memorial Day Weekend & False alarm at the Gardens

Posted by Deb in News

Good morning everyone.  Friday…’s FRIDAYYYYYYYY.


The pool company took off the pool cover today and they are working hard balancing the chemicals and making sure all of the equipment is working properly. The pool is not going to be open this weekend.  The official opening of the pool is for Memorial Day weekend.  We are shooting for 10am on Saturday, the 27th.  If the pool opens any earlier, we will make another announcement.The Pool Rules are posted on the website under Resident Resources.  CLICK HERE FOR POOL RULES  It is your responsibility to know the rules and make sure you and your visitors abide by them.


We have good news to report about the excitement last night at the Gardens.  It was a false alarm.  One of the roof lights fell backwards onto the roof.  The light was pointing upward and with the heavy rain, it gave the illusion that there was a fire and sparks. The post on Southern NH Alerts and comments that were being left on FB got terribly out of control and probably scared a lot of family and friends.  Bottom line, everyone was fine and there was not a fire of any kind.

Thank you.  Have a great weekend and let’s have a great summer together!