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Striping at Villas buildings 10 thru 17 postponed

Posted by Deb in News

Thank you for all the cooperation this morning in moving the cars.  Due to the weather, the striping cannot be done on wet pavement and it is being postponed until tomorrow.

Buildings 10 thru 17 and ALL of Villa Way must be moved by:

9AM on Wednesday, July 12th

to avoid being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Villa Way is the main road that comes in off of Spit Brook Road.  This affects residents in 1 thru 9 as well.

You may park anywhere in front of buildings 1 thru 9, including numbered spaces, and towing will not be enforced.  You may also park anywhere else in the community, however you may not park in numbered spaces elsewhere in the community.

Thank you again for moving your vehicles this morning.  We were pleased with your cooperation not knowing if the striping could be done or not and anticipate the same cooperation tomorrow.  We do not like towing vehicles.

Have a great day.