Resident Bingo

Bingo Rules

Introducing Twin Ponds Resident Bingo.

Winners will receive a $200 credit on their rent!!

Come to the office during normal business hours and pick up a bingo card and chips.  A number will be drawn daily (during normal business hours) and displayed on the pages in the “Resident News” section of the website. .  The daily number will be posted and past numbers can be found by clicking on “past numbers” directly under the daily drawn bingo ball.  You can get a new card by bringing your old card to the office and swapping it out.  We can’t give you a new card unless you bring your old one in.

The game will continue until we have a winner, so keep checking those numbers!!!   The winner will be the first person to show a card with the winning sequence of numbers.  Winners will be posted at

In addition to posting the winner, we will post in the news that a new game has started.

  • One card per household.
  • Each household can only win once per month.
  • You must be a resident of Twin Ponds at Nashua in order to win.


  • Start with a chip in the center of your bingo card covering the heron.
  • Check the Resident News section of the website daily and cover the corresponding space with a chip if it is on your card.
  • A bingo is achieved if you complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line within one bingo game.